Industrial unit

Administration building

Knowledge and innovation seeking come naturally as the result of many years of experience and are what fuels our constant concern with rationalization and update of our industrial processes.


Before it gets onto your plate, the Macarico products undergo a series of rigorous quality control tests which start with their origin.

Our associated producers are selected for their very high standard of quality to ensure our products are able to deliver true richness of flavour.

Fermentation Container

When the olives come into the plant as raw material they are then put through a rigorous quality control which is followed by storage in the fermentation containers prior to going thorough to the other stages of the production process.


The quality control is inherent to the full process from raw material to the finished product and carried out by a team of experts including all the necessary laboratory testing.

Dedicated Production Lines

The company is equipped with dedicated production lines for the purpose of processing whole olives, sliced and pitted olives, as well as a variety of stuffed olives.

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