Codfish on Caco cake

Codfish on Caco cake

4 Caco cakes

2 preserved cod in olive oil and garlic

1 medium portion of canons

1 medium portion of endive

1 piece of onion

Sauce of olives and oregano

2 round tomaoes

1 pinch of salt

Split Tree-Ripened Olives with Olive Oil, Garlic and Oregano


Wash the canons and the endive and let them drain and place them in a bowl. Cut the onion into small pieces and mix them with the salad. Slice the tomatoes and season with fleur de sel. Open the Caco cakes and add 2 tomato slices, slightly overlapping. Smear a little sauce of olives and oregano and add the salad mixture. Finally, add a few pieces of cod, drizzle with a little of your own olive oil and serve with Maçarico olives.