Bread and garlic sausage hambúrguer with special mayonnaise

Bread and garlic sausage hambúrguer with special mayonnaise

2 toasted piglet bread and garlic sausage from Beira - Lamego

4 hamburger buns

Breadcrumbs Q.S.

Frying Oil

Carrots Q.S.

Lettuce Q.S.

1 Tomato



1 egg gem

Olive oil

Fleur de sel Q.S.

Lemon juice Q.S.

5 grain peppers (Mill) Q.S.

Sweet Gherkins Maçarico Q.S.

Capers Maçarico Q.S.

2 stems of fresh coriander

Pickles Maçarico Q.S.

1 teaspoon of thin chopped onion


Start with the sauce. Place the egg gems in the blender, a dash of fleur de sel, a dash of pepper and lemon juice to taste. tap the magic wand to switch to a lighter shade. Then gradually add oil or oil, twisted, while messing with the magic wand, until a mayonnaise. After the mayonnaise made finely chopped bittersweet add the cucumbers, coriander, a little finely chopped pickles, capers and finally the onions. Stir well and refrigerate while just the remaining revenue.


Remove the skin and dispose of the sausages with a fork. Mold balls with your hands and flatten them to form burgers. Rinse them in breadcrumbs. Heat oil in a good anti stick pan. Fry the sausage patties on both sides until they are browned. Drain them on a network or on paper towels.


Toast the bread for burgers. Cut the carrots into thick julienne, slice the tomatoes and cut into julienne lettuce also. In each bread place tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and over it all the sausage burger. Finish with mayonnaise and serve.