Quality System

Quality System Quality System Quality System Quality System

Client/consumer satisfaction and loyalty is one of our main concerns and to ensure its continuity we implemented the Maçarico S.A. Food Safety and Quality Assurance.

Our products comply with our safety and quality regulations undergoing tight control throughout the production process. Starting with the incoming raw materials, at each stage through to the finished product, our laboratory tests ensure the maximum quality and consistency. The implementation of an all encompassing company quality assurance system was paramount to ensure our very high standards and as required by the food industry.

Maçarico´s hard work at achieving a high standard of quality has been rewarded with international accreditation: the IFS for ready-to-eat olives and lupin beans, as well as the ISO 22000 for pickles, sauces, culinary pastes and olive oil packaging. We have good reason to be delighted as the accreditation means potential clients preference us with confidence.

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