Macarico identifies itself with Tradition and Quality.

We are passionate about what we do.

Behind the customer trust and quality of our products is a dedicated highly qualified technical team.

Technical excellence is in our DNA and is based on these vital key principles:

Our Mission

Client satisfaction – offering  the best quality products at a competitive cost, in tune with the latest market trends.

Our Values

Ética e Justiça

We foster a culture of positive values and conduct in the workplace so important for the smooth running of operations and staff interaction on a professional level.


We have created a healthy work environment which is inclusive and progressive, where all are valued and motivated to do better and go further, the proven way forward in modern industrial management.

Environment preservation

Always on the agenda at Macarico is the conscientious effort, by all, to preserve de environment by means of waste control and treatment.


Integrity is paramount to our continued success and customer preference.

Food safety

By all accounts one of the pillars of our business which we take very seriously by meeting the requirements for certification/accreditation by the top international food safety regulators.


Innovation comes from experience, learning and analysis with the input, across the board, of all involved in the process.


To focus on innovation, professionalism, a flexible approach to business and continuous development are essential to remain competitive in a very fast moving market environment.

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