"Maçarico’s olives, lupin beans and pickles conquer the world"

"Maçarico’s olives, lupin beans and pickles conquer the world"

"Maçarico is an agro-industrial business, founded in Praia de Mira during the mid-XX Century. Currently it is the regions’ largest smallholding exporter and, due to the purchase of agricultural products which are then transformed, Maçarico is also one of the biggest contributors to the local small farmers.

At this time Maçarico’s portfolio includes several varieties and kinds of olives, pickles, a variety of sauces, especially hot sauce, lupin beans and spices.

The company has been certified in terms of quality by a number of different institutions, including Kosher certification since 2003 and Halal since 2013, which allows it to sell to Jewish and Islamic majority communities.

Maçarico’s ambition, since it was founded and as it began to grow, has been to export and diversify its products and markets, shifting away from working exclusively with olives. With this in mind, the company began to spread its name in international fairs and to participate in a variety of events to showcase its products.

Located in Praia de Mira, Maçarico faces space constraints which are hindering its growth and competitiveness. To overcome this obstacle, the company branched out, creating Maçarico II in the industrial zone of Cantanhede, to which it transferred all of the production from the Praia de Mira plant, except olives. Now the former can enjoy the scale and layout necessary to become highly competitive products.

Investment in Cantanhede is currently underway and the plant at Praia de Mira, which continues to operate with the olives, will be restructured so as to achieve production levels in all its olive-based products which allow them to minimize costs and become highly competitive.

The Maçarico group is currently made up of three companies: Maçarico SA.; Maçarico II, Lda. and Quinta do Arrojado – Agro-Industria, Lda. This latter company is located in the Beira Baixa region, in S. Miguel D’Acha, and works with a Galician olive grove, a uniquely Portuguese variety. The group has plans to make it an efficient agricultural company, supplying olives and other products.

Maçarico has been exporting since 1960, to a vast number of countries, including the USA, Canada, Brazil and other Latin American destinations, almost all of Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the East and even Australia. All in all, over 50 countries over five continents. This is proof that the company, named after the Torch, a long-legged bird with a curved beak, that inhabits the margins of Praia de Mira, has flown to great heights."

in Portugal Business on the Way (BOW) - AEP (Full Publication: https://www.portugalbusinessontheway.com/arquivo/6709)