MAÇARICO sold a 5% position to DCOOP

MAÇARICO sold a 5% position to DCOOP

MAÇARICO, the leader in table olives in Portugal, sold a five per cent position to DCOOP, a very strong Spanish company in olive and olive oil.

- Why the partnership?

MAÇARICO has a huge investment in Cantanhede; at this time, the production is already moving there, with space limitations in Praia de Mira, except for olive, starting already the restructuring of the factory, in this area, qualifying it to 25,000 tons.

The installation in Cantanhede of a new olive-growing unit with capacity for about thirty thousand tons and a unit for the packaging of olive oil and distribution.

Not for the time being, the other products, which will be developed in Cantanhede in order to enable them to be competitive, MAÇARICO, in the area of ​​olives, will become one of the largest companies in the Peninsula and will also reach an important position in the an area of ​​olive oil commercialization, which has, for many years, only been unable to develop this area in Praia de Mira.

Therefore, MAÇARICO will need large quantities of olive for its activity, which DCOOP guarantees to be able to satisfy, in the quantities and varieties required, with Portuguese productions, namely Alentejo, where it has associated producers. And, as for olive oil, it will also supply MAÇARICO in conditions that will allow the expansion of this product, in Portugal and in external markets to be achieved by MAÇARICO.

It makes sense to partner. In compliance with the contractually agreed conditions, this union, between the two companies, is justified and is likely to generate significant synergies.

There is a new phase in the life of MAÇARICO, with strong expectations of success.


António Maçarico