"Internationalization and Investment Attraction"

Maçarico was present at the Dinner-Debate on the theme, "Internationalization and Investment Attraction". The event took place at the Estádio Cidade de Coimbra on March 6 and was promoted by the NERC - Business Association of the Region of Coimbra.

This initiative served to stamp the signature of the protocol that will promote the cooperation of several companies and entities of the central region of the country with China, through an e-commerce platform, idealized by the E-Coimbra project. In addition to the participation of companies affiliated to the E-Coimbra platform and various entities, the event was attended by His Excellency the Secretary of State for Internationalization, Professor Doctor Eurico Brilhante Dias.

Before dinner, there was a Product Show and a Business Networking with the companies adhering to the platform.

The project "E-Coimbra, approved by the 2020 Center, resulted from the partnership between NERC, NOVOTECNA - Association for Technological Development, JADRC - Young Associates for Regional Development of the Center and AEMITEQ - Association for Technological Innovation and Quality .

This project, as its own motto indicates "China at a click away," intends to act as a facilitator in the arrival of companies and their products to more distant markets, in this particular case, the Chinese market. Through cooperation between businessmen and various entities, the aim is to make the full potential of China the second largest economy in the world and, where there has been an increase in its imports from Portugal in recent years, a crucial factor for the birth of this project.